Award-winning art direction

‘... powerful, simple, clever and relevant’.
Direct Response magazine wrote this about a mailing pack art directed by Coralie Walker with an ‘outstandingly emotive approach’ using an unique involvement device. Income generated by the campaign was almost twice target level.

Art direction by Coralie Walker has won industry awards for exceeding fundraising targets, engaging audiences and for raising awareness of challenging issues. Coralie has worked with some with exceptional copywriters and specialist photographers on wide-ranging campaigns, from life-threatening diseases to unique heritage collections.

Associazione Ponte Vecchio

The trade association of the Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy.

The association representing the artisans, jewellers and craftspeople of the Ponte Vecchio wanted a logo which would help them promote the development of tourism and trade.

Logo rationale:
This design submission by Coralie Walker makes reference to the legendary Florentine Diamond which is historically linked to the Ponte Vecchio and the origins of the prestigious trades based on the Old Bridge. The nine-sided double rose cut stone was light yellow in colour with hues of green in its brilliance. The whereabouts of the diamond remains unknown but the story lives on in this logo proposal with a nine-pointed star.

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